We are a premium, high-quality lab with value pricing.  


Our Mission

Is to provide dental professionals restorations with the highest quality standards that are uniquely designed for each patient using the latest dental technology and to ensure that the clinician/patient relationship is strengthened and the quality of the patients' lives are enhanced.

“Quality is the best business plan for a dental lab.”
— Damien Moreno

What We do for you:

  • Local pick up and delivery

  • Custom shades at the lab at no cost

  • Utilizing the state-of-art technology

  • Live, video technical advising

  • Providing world-class continuing education

  • Fabrication of board range of fixed restorative material options

  • Digital experts in designing

  • In-house, custom designed implant restorative solutions

  • Hundreds of years of combined experience and knowledge into each case

  • Keep our prices affordable

  • We sincerely care about each patient

Comprehensive Product Line

Rest assured that your patients will only receive the highest quality materials from brands such as IPS e.Max, ZirCAD, BruxZir, Inclusive and Comfort H/S.  We provide you a full range of fixed and removable dental solutions which include:


Inlays/onlays, bridges, copings, CAD/CAM crowns, all-ceramic crowns/veneers


Implants (cement & screw retained), custom abutments, implant jigs, surgical stents


Bleach Trays, night guards, partials, sport guards